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MSc Big Data and Digital Skills for Managers


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Course Content

In an era where nothing is permanent, organisations need to think on their feet to survive the next wave of disruption. Managers are required to understand and apply best practices from change management theories to inform their leadership skills and effective decision-making.

The modern discoveries and innovations in the tech sector are creating new products, software, and tools capable to make organisations more efficient, innovative and frontrunners in the sector in which they operate. However, managers need to navigate an extremely competitive market, where there is an abundance of tools to perform the same task and managers need to understand which products to use and in which specific areas to apply them.

In recent decades, organisations from around the world have had to adapt to the implementation, application, and massive use of technology in every aspect of the business. 

The module focuses on practical tools, practices, processes, and techniques used to deploy successful digital transformation projects.

Through billions of devices connected to the Internet and a massive amount of data available at our fingertips, the way we look at collecting, catalogue and analysing information has drastically changed.

During the module, students learn about the history of industrial revolutions, up to the Fourth, and the role that the Internet of Things has in relation to Big Data.

In the past decade, Artificial Intelligence became one of the buzzwords for managers and individuals alike. While the progress made in subjects like robotics, natural language processing and machine learning, artificial intelligence is still a complex world to navigate, and its potential is incredible for many businesses alike.

Throughout the course, students will learn about the ethical implications of AI and the relationship between humans and robots/algorithms, as well as the basics of how artificial intelligence works.

The organisations of today need to consider the fundamental role technology can play in every aspect of the business, not simply in relation to the acquisition of IT tools. Thus, managers are required to look at the strategic advantages that can be gained through the deploying of technology strategies at a variety of levels, from employees and how their work can benefit from it to business models, information right through to the advantages for the external stakeholder and customers.

Students entering the business world need to develop certain skills and competencies to increase their practical experience. During this course, students will be encouraged to simulate the working environment through a real-life team project.

Students entering the business world need to develop certain skills and competencies that enhance and increase their practical experience, especially in relation to the tech start-up world. Whether interested in starting a business, or working in a start-up environment, students will require the knowledge and skills that are linked to an entrepreneurial mindset. During this course, students will be given the opportunity to work on their own start-up idea and bring it to life.

This module recognises the crucial importance that solving problems innovatively and generating change has, to gain a competitive advantage in many areas of business management. Furthermore, thinking creatively is a basic skill for innovation and organisational success. Managers at all levels benefit from understanding how to creatively solve problems, identify opportunities, and generate ideas that, in diverse ways, are innovative and produce a benefit to organisations.

The module supports and guides students towards the production of an independent piece of original business research taking the form of a business research project. Students will have the opportunity to apply their prior knowledge to real-life research questions that arise from their placement experience and will learn to undertake and critically assess business research, its impact and its contextual nature.

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